"America’s leading Ayurvedic solution to support and maintain healthy blood pressure already within normal range*”

Cardiovascular System Support*
Helps Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure*
Promotes Relaxation and Calming Effects*

Ayurvedic Support for Cardiovascular Health

Carditone® Carditone has tremendous health benefits, in addition to helping maintain healthy blood pressure† levels.
About Carditone®
Carditone® Carditone contains Ayurveda's most effective ingredients for blood pressure support* and cardiovascular function* that have been used successfully for centuries for heart health*, kidney function* and relaxation*. Magnesium supports healthy electrolyte levels required for proper cardiovascular function*. In conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, Carditone® offers time-tested support for healthy individuals looking to help support and maintain healthy blood pressure* levels and heart health*, naturally.
Why Carditone®?
Carditone® is one of the top recommended all-natural supplements for essential heart health*, providing unbeatable cardiovascular support* without the side effects of other more conventional treatments. Carditone®, formulated by Ayurvedic and Naturopathic physicians, bridges ancient wisdom with modern science that has been used successfully by millions of people.
Additional Benefits of Using Carditone®
• Natural source of calcium & magnesium* • Helps maintain healthy levels of cellular plasma electrolytes* • Smooth muscle regulating properties* • Kidney & liver tonic*
Who Should Use Carditone®? How to Use Carditone®? Carditone® is for anyone who is looking to support healthy blood pressure* levels within a normal range or who have a family history of cardiovascular* issues. It is formulated for self-care and maintenance purposes that support cardiovascular protection*. Carditone® is safe for daily use to help maintain blood pressure* levels already within the normal range*. For optimal relaxation and calming* results, take one caplet before going to bed.
History Behind Carditone®
In 1976, while a second year medical student, I had the good fortune of attending a lecture on cardiovascular health by a well-known Ayurvedic doctor. In his lecture he was explaining how to support healthy blood pressure levels already within a normal range with Ayurvedic medicine. He also described how to prepare a herbal preparation to support healthy blood pressure. I absorbed every word from the inspiring talk and at that very moment began to grasp the powerful healing properties of Ayurvedic herbs. Eleven years later my brothers and I launched Ayush Herbs®, Inc, and that preparation become Carditone®, our flagship product that is now embraced by thousands of physicians and patients.
What People Say About Carditone®
Carditone® is providing thousands of people comprehensive cardiovascular support.
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